a. Wrong products

In the event of an incorrect code being sent, the return of the product is the buyer's responsibility within 14 working days of receipt. The product, which must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase, is sent EXCLUSIVELY by the designated courier company at the expense of our company, which bears the shipping costs of the correct product. Returning the product with another courier company is done exclusively at the customer's expense, while products sent at our company's expense are NOT picked up and returned to customers at their own expense.

Each product must be returned by the customer (for a refund or exchange) in the perfect condition in which it was received and without having been tampered with, torn, damaged or altered in any way in its packaging or with any special markings removed, the accessories, its manuals, etc. Otherwise, it is returned as is to the customer at his own expense.

b. Defective products

Allegedly defective product is sent to our company for inspection - at the buyer's responsibility and expense - within 14 working days of receipt, together with the original proof of purchase. Products must be returned for inspection in their original condition, complete and intact, with their original packaging (including all accessories, manuals, etc.) and tags attached.

If it is established that the defect of the product is the fault of the company, the latter undertakes to repair or replace it at its own expense. If the product defect is found to be the fault of the buyer, the customer is responsible for the cost of repair and return. In the event that its repair becomes impossible or is not desired by the customer, the company returns the product to him at his own expense.


Shipping to our company of an allegedly defective products is at the buyer's responsibility and expense, together with the original proof of purchase. The warranty does not provide the right to any compensation other than repairing the damage WITHOUT a charge to the customer. Replacement of the product is created only in case of failure to repair the damage.


The repair of a product out of warranty due to a. fault of the buyer or b. Expiration of the stipulated warranty time is charged to the buyer, which is proportional to the product and the costs for spare parts that may be charged. The shipment of the product to and from our company is at the customer's expense.

•Buyer fault

The warranty does NOT cover damage caused by mishandling, mishandling, bumping, connecting, fluctuating mains voltage, short circuit, fire, extreme temperature, humidity, wrong phenomena (lightning, flood,), buyer's users, improper transportation, or connected devices. , faulty power supply, poor maintenance, errors during installation, obvious signs of tampering, intervention by a person outside our company, or if any security tapes are removed or modified in any way.

•Expiration of warranty period

With the expiration of the warranty period, the company is NOT liable to the buyer. But the company still provides service and parts for customer service.


In the event that the inspection of the product shows that there is no problem during its operation, the product is returned to the customer at his own expense and any charge for the inspection that took place without reason.

We are proud of our products which have from two (2) to four (4) years of warranty depending on the product.